9 Tips to Write Engaging Content For Your Blog

Content is at the heart of any blog. It’s what makes people read your blog in the first place – and it’s what keeps people coming back to your blog time and time again. If you’re just starting a blog, you’re probably full of exciting ideas for posts that you can’t wait to write (if […]

5 Marketing Tips to Find Coaching Clients and Grow Your Business

These days, anybody can become a coach, but what most new coaches (and existing coaches) don’t know how to do is find coaching clients. Coaches is easy, all it takes is for you to be better than anyone else at something very specific and charge them for your experience and expertise. This is where the […]

5 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Important

Recently I was talking with a client of mine and she mentioned that one of her customers was complaining about her services. Her customer thought that the level of service she paid for was not what she received, so she wanted a full refund or for my client to perform the services again. My client […]

8 Strategies To Catapult Your Copywriting Skills To The Next Level

Copywriting is an extremely important skill to have these days, whether you sell products or services, knowing how to craft that perfect message that truly resonates with your audience and encourages them to take action is the difference between making noise online and building a memorable brand. I’m going to share with you today 8 […]

10 Common Solopreneur Mistakes That Prevent You From Growing Your Business

Statistically speaking, 2 out of 3 people want to be their own boss. Some want it for the financial rewards, while others for the ability to control their own time, what they work on and who they work with.  Running a business is tough, it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and a […]

9 Powerful Ways Brands Can Engage Customers on Social Media

We all know that social media has helped hundreds of brands go from a single employee grinding away from a bedroom or a garage, to hundreds of employees working from multi-million dollar facilities.  Brands like WordPress, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SumoMe and many more…have effectively leveraged social media to build their empires. The question is, […]

InsoyMedia - 10 Tips to Write a Remarkable Social Media Marketing Plan

10 Tips to Write a Remarkable Social Media Marketing Plan

As we recognize how important social media is to growing our business, we start thinking about the need to have a social media marketing plan. As a social media marketer, I recognize how important, in fact, how vital an effective social media marketing plan for any business regardless of size and industry. The fact is […]